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Department of Philosophy and Religion

Graduate Programs

Our master’s degree programs combine coursework, research, and practical experience to prepare students for further graduate study; careers in the public sector, civil society, or international relations; and future leadership.

Undergraduate Programs

Our philosophy program exposes students to multiple disciplines including bioethics, ethical theory, feminist philosophy, and phenomenology, while religious studies allows students to explore and critique areas in Eastern and Western religions

Why Philosophy/Religion?

The study of philosophy or religion helps students develop valuable skills leading to work in any number of fields. Studying philosophy or religion provides excellent preparation for graduate study in any disciplines and areas of study.

  1. The Value of Philosophy - Salary/ GRE/ LSAT/ GMAT
  2. Why Religious Studies?
  3. Famous Philosophy Majors

Why Liberal Arts

"A liberal arts education fosters valuable 'soft skills' like problem-solving, critical thinking and adaptability....they have long-run value in a wide variety of careers," explains David Deming in The New York Times.

Why Philosophy in DC?

  • Easy access to Smithsonian Institutions, museums, national monuments, and the Library of Congress
  • A wealth of varied and diverse internship and service opportunities with the federal government and non-profit organizations
  • Opportunities to see and participate in political life and history as it happens


AU CORE Philosophy/Religion Courses

View all AU CORE course listings.

Habits of Mind

Cultural Inquiry

PHIL-211 Introduction to Asian Philosophy
RELG-145 Religion Without Borders


Ethical Reasoning

PHIL-120 Do the Right Thing
PHIL-220 Moral Philosophy
RELG-220 Religious Ethics


Socio-Historical Inquiry

RELG-105 Religious Heritage of the West
RELG-245 Stories of South Asia

Writing and Information Literacy II

PHIL-235 Theories of Democracy

Quantitative Literacy II

PHIL-200 Introduction to Formal Logic

2020 Fall Courses

Please find Fall 2020 course descriptions, sections, and times for PHIL and RELG courses in our OneDrive space. You can also view these on the Course Catalog.


PHIL-4/616-002, Feminist Philosophy
PHIL-4/620-001, Seminar on Ethical Theory
PHIL-693-001, Global Ethics
PHIL-696-001, Philosophy and Psychoanalysis
PHIL-696-002, Marxism and Ideology
PHIL-4/696-003, Teaching Ethics
RELG-4/686-001, Varieties of the Religious Experience


The Department of Philosophy and Religion is a proud member of PLATO (Philosophy Learning And Teaching Organization). PLATO advocates and supports introducing philosophy to children and youth through programs, resource-sharing, and the development of a national network in pre-college philosophy.

A congratulations cake

To the Class of 2020...

Our alumni have penned letters to the graduating class of 2020 to offer some perspective in a time of uncertainty.

Read the Letters

News and Events

Welcome Back Event
September 15th at 6 pm!

Meet your colleagues, get to know your professors, and play Bingo. Prizes will be awarded to the Bingo winners. RSVP for the Welcome Back event for the Zoom link.

At virtual Black Lives Matter rally, alumni share thoughts and experiences with racism and activism

Rom Harré, our former colleague and long-time distinguished adjunct professor, passed away earlier this semester at age 91. Read about his legacy.

AU PHIL/REL alum Rory Kraft penned an op-ed in the York Daily Record: The trouble with the 'college is not for everyone' mantra.

Philosophy student Angelica Vega was a fellow this summer at RespectAbility, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that understands we are a stronger community when we live up to our values: when we are welcoming, diverse, moral and respect one another. Read about her work: Book worm to policy wonk: Disability advocate brings her knowledge to Washington, DC.

Filosofia en Español


Para más información, visite nuestra página en español.

Student Spotlight

Inspiring material that I continue to draw from to this day.

After graduation, Haley Stevens worked on the Obama presidential campaign and the Presidential Transition Team. She was chief of staff for the Presidential Task Force on the Auto Industry and a special advisor to the Department of Commerce. A former digital manufacturing executive, she is currently representing Michigan’s 11th district in the House of Representatives.